Fine Art Film Scanning

Headline – how I got here

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My scanning methodology

I have developed a work process and system that delivers accurate scans containing maximum detail. If you choose to receive raw scans, they are deliberately unprocessed – with absolutely no clipping or sharpening – and perfect for further processing. This kind of flexibility means you can make all the creative decisions and have greater options for how your final image looks, whether that’s on screen or for fine art printing.

(I also offer finished corrected scans – you can read about that here.)

State of the Art Equipment

I use one of the best scanners ever made – the Hasselblad Flextight X1 film scanner, which produces scans that are sharp, colour accurate, and rich in detail. The Flextight X1, with it’s unique ‘air drum’ approach, offers the excellent edge to edge sharpness of drum scanners, without the need for messy oil mounting – your film will come back to you in exactly the condition you supply it.

What I can scan:

  • 4×5, Medium format and 35mm film
  • Positive transparency, B&W transparency, Negative Colour and B&W film.

Pricing Table – Raw Scans*

2500/16 Bit
48 Mb
6300dpi/16 Bit
190 Mb
24 x 65mm (XPan)
3150/16 Bit
136 Mb
6300dpi/16 Bit
550 Mb
6 x 4.5cm to 6 x 9cm
2000/16 Bit
96 Mb
3200dpi/16 Bit
654 Mb
6 x 12cm
1600/16 Bit
164 Mb
3200dpi/16 Bit
654 Mb
6 x 17cm
1600/16 Bit
232 Mb
3200dpi/16 Bit
926 Mb

6 x 12cm

1020/16 Bit
120 Mb
2040dpi/16 Bit
476 Mb

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*Raw vs Corrected

Raw scans are scanned as flat as possible to retain the maximum amount of highlight and shadow detail. This allows you to add a contrast curve of your preference in post without loss of quality or added noise. The scans will have software dust removal applied in post but some spotting will still be required as Flextights do not have hardware dust removal such as digital ICE.

Corrected scans are….

The following example demonstrates the difference between raw and corrected.

How to order

1. Order Online

The online ordering and checkout service is easy to use and lets me know what you’d like scanned. Note that a return shipping fee is included at checkout to cover the cost of sending your film back to you via registered post.

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2. Package Your Film

Watch the tutorial to learn how to package your film for shipping.

3. Send me your packaged film.

Address: PO Box 1715, Byron Bay NSW 2481. 
Don’t worry – this address will be provided to you in your email receipt after you place your order. Also, I recommend sending your package registered post so that you can track it and make sure your precious film doesn’t get lost in the mail.

Turnaround Times

Estimated turnaround time is 3-5 business days from receipt of your negatives. Allow extra time for any retouching work. We will generally give you an estimated completion time when you make your order.  If you require a faster turnaround time, please get in touch.

Ready to order?

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What To Expect

Your film will be scanned in Adobe RGB unless another colour space is requested. You will receive an unprocessed, positive file in tiff format.

Note: All film is cleaned with pure compressed air before scanning but you will be required to do some final spot cleaning to get rid of any dust/scratches that remains. I can also do this for you for an additional $10/scan. Simply choose corrected scans when placing your online order.

If your negatives are very dirty, they will require extra cleaning. If that’s the case, I will get in touch with you to discuss options and additional costs.

When your scans are ready, you will receive an email containing a dropbox link to download your files.

Technical Specifications

  • Resolution: 6300 dpi (35mm) – 3200 dpi (Medium Format Film) – 2040 dpi (4×5″ Film)
  • Color Depth: 48-Bit RGB (16 bits per channel)
  • DMAX (Dynamic Range): 4.6
  • Optics: Rodenstock lens
  • The patented virtual drum solution produces optimal focusing across the whole of the original
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